What Will Be The Future of Quartz Stone?


Engineered Quartz Stone surfaces are one of the most abundant minerals on earth and, with its unique properties, it is the most useful natural substance. The future of the Quartz Stone surfaces market is booming at a very rapid speed with new and latest designs trends that will make your home spaces look perfect with that glazing and stunning appearances. 

It is considered that the quartz is a natural substance that bears a resemblance to marble—and you’ll get variation and veins that attract people by giving a classic and contemporary look—but with much more durability.

Despite marbles or granites being cut directly from the earth, quartz stone surfaces are developed by combining 90 percent ground natural quartz with 10 percent polyresin and pigments. These percentages may vary slightly based on the specific brand of quartz. 

From the past many years, marbles, granite countertops, and several other natural substances like soapstones, slate, and so on were considered the most beautiful and ideal options installed in the home and commercial interiors.

However, with the various disadvantages of natural stones, engineered quartz stone surfaces overcame all the issues with the natural stones and had made their place in the recent market trends. Due to the engineered quartz stone nature of durability, non-porous, environment friendly, unlimited colors and patterns have been the most trendy choice of designers and homeowners to install it to enhance their commercial and home spaces. Thus, we can say the future of quartz stone surfaces will be prevalent and the perfect smart choices for homeowners and commercial designers to give the stylish glazing look to the spaces. From kitchen countertops to bathroom vanity tops and all the other installations, quartz surfaces have these days become one of the most commonly accepted countertop materials. 

Current And Future Trends Of Quartz:

The current and future trends of almost every industry/sector is influenced by the impacts of global pandemic of the deadly disease Coronavirus. The Interior Industry is one of them. The entire Interior Industry predominantly relies on the work done on sites, including home or commercial interiors. That leads to full industry operations and logistics to come to a halt due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Hence, it affects the current trends for any renovations or any kind of beginnings. But as soon as everything is going back to normal, the first thing that will be in-trend is going to be the interior industry.

Because of the quarantine, each one of us has spent much of their time sitting back to their homes. This has undoubtedly allowed them to explore the home spaces even better and think over the home interiors. While planning such changes, it is essential to be aware of the latest market trends and the major players in the upcoming year. The quartz stone surfaces, because of its many advantages over the natural stones, will be the smartest choice for homeowners and commercial designers. Engineered quartz stone is a man-made product that comes in distinct patterns and color variants that suit every taste and home. From Profundo Black from the Milan Collection to Kimono White from the Tokyo Collection, there are many colors, styles, and patterns available at Haique to give each home the perfect elegance and stunning appearances that will never go out of style with lots of new designs of the year 2020. So, the future quartz stone trends will show an upward trend in the upcoming years.

Designers and homeowners

Engineered quartz has a strong image of its exceptional properties of low maintenance bacteria-resistant surface, the ability to resist stains, its strength, and durability, all adding its uses in the kitchen to baths to other installations and tailor-made solutions. Hence, it is an ideal option for homeowners and designers compared to the old granite and marble natural stones.

The year 2020 is for the quartz. Quartz is becoming trendy among designers and homeowners with its distinct properties and with the always coming new trends in color and patterns. Although solid white is still the latest trend in the market when it comes to kitchen countertops, despite this, the most significant in-trend quartz will be bold veining. The dark shades quartz and veined quartz are the two majorly attractive quartz slabs in the coming years. Most of the designers and homeowners are also seeking for the black or grey shades quartz countertops with the contrast cabinets and for bathroom vanities that perfectly brighten up the spaces and create a perfect glazing appearance.

The Future Of Quartz Stone:

Engineered quartz countertops have been storming the market for several reasons and will be the future of kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops, including other installations. We cannot deny that more and more homeowners and designers are turning to quartz countertops for their kitchen and bathroom designs. These countertops are durable and made to last in terms of its structure, functionality, and fashion that admire everyone’s perfect glazing look. Hence, quartz is considered not only timeless but is the most trendy among all-natural stones. It’s distinct patterns and designs and colors will continue to be fresh and won’t fade away today, tomorrow, and yesterday. Some of the features of engineered quartz surfaces that are incomparable includes,

  • It is easy to maintain as it is perma-sealed.
  • It is stain resistant as of its non-porous nature.
  • It is durable.
  • It has the charm of natural stone even after being engineered.

Its versatility and durability made the engineered quartz stone surfaces extremely popular for the uses of home and commercial interiors.


Due to the various impacts of the Covid-19, it is true that majorly every industry and business is affected by the global crises. Even the economy has shaken and suffered huge losses.

At the same time, many industry experts and designers are taking this as an opportunity to help bring out the best even in these harsh and challenging times. They even assume that it will also help reflect several industry innovations that have never happened earlier and predominate the engineered quartz in the market for the future perspective because of its versatile properties with a wide range of uses and applications in the home and commercial indoor and outdoor spaces.

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