The fashionable quartz surfaces by Haique are inspired by the ever-changing global culture, color trends, and living choices. The largest seamless slabs are infused with spectacular color, design, and patterns. Haique pertains to an artistic blend between contemporary sophistication and timeless luxury and creates an everlasting feel that is easy to maintain. Haique believes in creating aesthetic beauty to elevate living spaces.

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Care & Maintenance

Haique quartz is easy to maintain, and they last a lifetime elevating your living and home spaces. The surfaces are designed to be stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned by using a mild soap or a neutral PH detergent and warm water. Since the quartz surfaces are mold and mildew resistant, they maintain their texture throughout all seasons but need to be cleaned regularly. Haique quartz are low maintenance, and therefore no sealing, polishing, or conditioning is required.

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Care & Maintenance

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Haique is engineered stone with a combination of strength and design. The glossiness reflection index is 60-70%, and the density for the material is 2.40-2.45 Kg/dm3. The flexural strength is about 40.0 to 60.0 Mpa. The compressive strength is as high as 150-240 Mpa. Haique quartz is resistant to deep abrasions such as rubbing, scraping, or erosion that tends progressively to remove the material from the surface. This value is as high as 98-160 mm3.

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The price of Haique quartz invariably depends on the size and color chosen. To know more about the pricing of Haique, you can get in touch with the nearest distributor or call the sales person.

Marble is a rock while quartz are minerals. Quartz are engineered stone whereas marble is a kind of rock derived from another rock over millions of years ago.

Just like natural stone, quartz surfaces are resistant to heat.

Some of the highlight features of quartz surfaces are consistency, stain-resistant, durability, strength and highly fashionable.

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