Product Care
& Maintenance

Haique quartz surfaces are easy to maintain as they are explicitly designed to elevate your living. They do not require any sealing or polishing once installed.

Easy Clean Convenience

Haique quartz can be easily cleaned using a mild soap and water or a mild Ph detergent and warm water. The surfaces are scratch-resistant and crack resistant, making them durable and consistent. The quartz surfaces carry a timeless appeal combined with sophistication and design. To clean quartz countertops, a glass or surface cleaner can be used with a non-abrasive sponge, to remove stains. For dried spills or heavy stains, a little elbow grease can be used.

For deeper cleaning, refrain from using abrasives and acids. A mild alkaline solution can be used to maintain the cleanliness of the countertops.

Resistant to Heat

Haique quartz are resistant to heat, but if the temperature goes above 150 degrees, the quartz countertop can get damaged. Quartz are engineered stone, and constant or prolonged exposure to high heat might result in discoloration. Placing hot objects directly on the quartz countertop might result in a resin burn. Therefore, the engineered stone should not be incidentally exposed to high temperatures.

Care & Maintenance

No Chemicals

Haique quartz is resilient, durable, and stain-free. While quartz surfaces are chemical-free, a part of the composition includes a layer of petroleum-based resin and pigment which can react with certain chemicals and cause stains. Quartz surfaces are also consistent and scratch-resistant. They are very durable and carry immense strength. Longevity and durability are two features that distinguish quartz surfaces from other types of building materials.

Care & Maintenance

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