Global Quartz Stone Market Industry Trends 2021

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. Usually referred to as engineered stone, Quartz stone market is flourishing at a rapid speed. The quartz slabs are created by combining roughly 90 percent ground natural quartz with 10 percent polyresin. However, these percentages can differ slightly based on the specific brand of quartz.

Natural stone countertops have quite been a favorite among homeowners from the past many years. From countertops made of granite to many other natural materials, like marble, soapstone, slate, and more, these surfaces often have a reputation for being some of the most tranquil and beautiful options you can install in your living space.

However, these days the quartz stone market shows an upward trend, and therefore quartz countertops have become quite the favored option in the past few years. From kitchen countertops to bathroom vanity tops and other installations, quartz slabs have these days become one of the most commonly accepted countertop materials.

Types of quartz stone

Quartz comes in varied shapes, colors, and sizes. Some of the most popular types of quartz include Amethyst, Blue Quartz, Dumortierite quartz, etc. Amethyst is a quartz type that ranges from a bright, vivid violet to dark or dull lavender shade. Amethyst is formed when there are iron deposits in the area where it was created. On the other hand, Blue quartz contains fibrous magnesio-riebeckite or crocidolite. Dumortierite quartz will sometimes feature contrasting light and dark color zones across the material.

Competitive landscape of quartz

Quartz is used for a wide range of applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and counters, and tailor-made solutions for home and commercial interiors. In recent times, the quartz stone surface has gained increasing significance in various residential and commercial quartz fields. Globally, the quartz stone market is mainly driven by growing demand for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity. Global Quartz market size will increase to 16000 Million US$ by 2025, from 7350 Million US$ in 2018, at a CAGR of 10.2% during the forecast period.

Globally, the Quartz Stone market industry is primarily driven by increasing demand for residential Quartz Stone, which accounts for nearly 60.90% of total downstream consumption of Quartz Stone in global.


Global quartz and granite Stone Market


Granites comes in a lot of hues and textures due to its natural form. Quartz are harder than granite and thus more durable across globe. According to the quartz stone market, quartz is the trendiest and available in different colours and styles. Granites are more expensive than quartz at times on the basis of their colour and pattern. Individuals can use a mixture of both Quartz and granite such as quartz with natural surfaces like granite and soapstone. Global quartz and granite have a growing demand for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity.

The Quartz stone market is driven by increasing demand for residential Quartz stone, which accounts for almost 60.90% of global downstream Quartz stone use. According to verified market research, the Quartz stone market data has shown upward trends and it has become quite a favoured option in the past few years. During the period of 2020-2026, there will be substantial growth and can increase up to 17800 million USD. Global quartz and granite for a wide range of areas such as countertops, bathroom vanities and counters for high-quality home and commercial interior.



Quartz Stone Market Industry Trends 2021

Undoubtedly, quartz is not only timeless but also the trendiest. Quartz countertops are available in a wide range of colors and styles, with many unique veining patterns to achieve classic or more dramatic looks. From the soft detailing of Matisse White to the bold Met Red, branching veins of Botticelli Ultimo, our collection features plenty of new and trendy countertop looks.

There has been a significant shift from the usual white or neutral countertops. There has been a rising trend towards Grey quartz counters or notably warmer grey tones. The considerable advantage of choosing a quartz countertop above any other material is the aesthetic appeal it adds to the kitchen space. Not only are they versatile and in-trend but quite comfortable in maintenance as well.

For a more subtle, contemporary look with a little less lustre, some homeowners prefer more subdued quartz for their kitchen countertops. These slabs are made with a matte finish instead of the glossy and polished surface of traditional countertops. This adds a more natural and relaxed aesthetic to space and reduces the effect of reflectiveness that bright kitchen lights can create.

Quartz surfaces broadly define aesthetic beauty combined with durability. The engineered stones are unparalleled in exquisiteness, easily maintained, and incredibly stylish. With quartz surfaces, make your home a sanctuary of warmth, love, and all things beauty.

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